Business hours

7 days a week from 10.00- 17.45
After 17.30 you can no longer return your bike.

Option A: 1 credit card (we make a copy in the store) for up to 5 bikes.
Option B: 1 passport / I.D. (original) for up to 5 bikes + € 50, (cash) per bike.

The insurance option amounts to € 1,75 from 3 hours € 3,00 per day (24 hours) per bike
The insurance covers theft to the bike.

With the insurance there is an excess of € 50,- payment per bike, (children-) tandem and cargo bikes insurance there is an excess of € 150,- payment.
In the event for damage the own risk is reduced to € 0,-.
Without insurance if your bike gets stolen you pay the total cost of the bike which is € 475,-.
The insurance is only valid if you are able to give both keys of the bike to No1 Rental  If you cannot give both keys in the event of theft, you will be charged the new value of the bike, which is € 475,-

If you cannot produce the keys, the insurance is invalid and you will have to pay the replacement value of the bicycle + lock.

In case of Theft you have to make a police report and show this at No1 Rental HQ

If the stolen bicycle is retrieved, we can refund the amount you have paid, minus any retrieval costs.No1 rental recommends the insurance.

Each bike is equipped with 2 locks.
Always lock the bike with the both locks to a bike rack. Never leave the key in the lock when you leave the bike. No1rental staff will demonstrate proper use of the locks.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel a reservation without charge up to 48 hours before the agreed rental period. We charge a full day’s rental for cancellations received after this time, or in the case of “no show”. We have a different policy for cancellations of bikes ordered for delivery.


  1. A rental day is 24 hours.
  2. Upon receipt of the rented bicycle, you must check it immediately and inform No1 Rental of any damage or defective parts;
  3. 3. You agree to ensure that no physical changes are made to the bicycle;Always take your part of the contract when you return the bike.
  4. 5.You accept full responsibility and liability for any damage to and/or theft of the rented bicycle or accessories
  5. No1 Rental shall reimburse no repair costs carried out by other companies.
  6. You pay the rental price when you return the bike.
  7. No1 Rental accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any personal injury to you or to others, or damage to your possessions, or those of others, direct or indirect, by the bicycle, or the use thereof, howsoever caused, until the bicycle has been returned to NO1 Rental
  8. 8. If the bicycle breaks down, you are liable for any costs incurred to transport it back to No1 Rental, as well as any repair costs, unless it is evident that No1 Rental has been negligent. Note that there is no refund or discount on rental fees when a rented bicycle breaks down particularly when concerning flat tyres upon request we can provide you with a puncture repair kit
  9. Any misuse of the bicycle is strictly forbidden. Failure to observe our terms and conditions may result in the bike being recalled with a loss of your deposit.
  10. The bicycle remains the property of No1 Rental at all times and must be returned immediately at the request of an authorised No1 Rental  representative.